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Registered: ‎10-08-2012
My Device: 9800
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Accepted Solution

Temporary server error on BBM on the simulator

Hi, I want to test some BBM functions on simulator just as "Invit PIN" and "invit to download", my problem is when I open the BBM app. from the sumulator I get "Unable to complete setup", "Temporary server error " and only exit button


1- I made all steps in the README.txt that on BBM dirctory, but the problem is still exists

2- When I open BBM from the simulator I get these output from BBM server comsole

<2013-03-19 14:14:37.194 GMT+02:00>:[97]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = KeyNeg
o, DEVICEPIN = ffffa6ba, EVENT = Process  , PACKET = NEGOV2>
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.194 GMT+02:00>:[96]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = KeyNeg
o, DEVICEPIN = ffffa6ba, EVENT = Accepted , PACKET = NEGOV2>
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.194 GMT+02:00>:[98]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<INFO >:<LAYER = KeyNeg
o, KeyNego Received NEGO: ffffa6ba>
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.204 GMT+02:00>:[99]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<INFO >:<LAYER = KeyNeg
o, KeyNego Client version: ffffa6ba :>
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.392 GMT+02:00>:[101]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = KeyNe
go, DEVICEPIN = ffffa6ba, EVENT = Process  , PACKET = DEVYV2>
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.392 GMT+02:00>:[100]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = KeyNe
go, DEVICEPIN = ffffa6ba, EVENT = Accepted , PACKET = DEVYV2>
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.392 GMT+02:00>:[102]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<INFO >:<LAYER = KeyNe
go, KeyNego Received Packet: ffffa6ba>
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.405 GMT+02:00>:[103]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<INFO >:<LAYER = KeyNe
go, KeyNego Successful for PIN: ffffa6ba>
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.425 GMT+02:00>:[104]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = SCM,
EVENT = ScheduleJob, JobPool = BBMSessionJobPool, queueLength = 0, availableThre
ads = 20>
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.425 GMT+02:00>:[105]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = SCM,
EVENT = StartJob, name = BBMSessionJobPool-Thread-3, queueDelay(ms) = 0, JobPool
 = BBMSessionJobPool, queueLength = 0, availableThreads = 19>
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.427 GMT+02:00>:[106]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = BBM,
THREAD = BBMSessionJobPool-Thread-3, DEVICEPIN = ffffa6ba, GMETAG = 2032807133,
TAG = 41, METHOD = onBBIDAuthenticationRequest, REQUEST_ID = -979715318, ENCRYPT
ED_ECOID_HASH = T0iAkzaisQGKxHM1BvJ4x3bed9QFLkKnIIadspYXqXE=, SIZE = 591, DETAIL
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.429 GMT+02:00>:[107]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = BBM,
decryptWithSessionKey - Illegal key size>
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.430 GMT+02:00>:[108]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = BBM,
key = ZA97cLsS5Th4wUWV3bE8NZSUuw4AjLyLwnkbpBXTpVM=, data = s8Y4DaB8r2YkXH2VJSHJr
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.433 GMT+02:00>:[109]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = BBM,
THREAD = BBMSessionJobPool-Thread-3, DEVICEPIN = ffffa6ba, GMETAG = 1031012363,
TAG = 66, METHOD = writeRegistrationResponse, RESULT = 107, REQUEST_ID = -979715
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.435 GMT+02:00>:[110]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = SCM,
EVENT = FinishJob, name = BBMSessionJobPool-Thread-3, timeSpent(ms) = 10, JobPoo
l = BBMSessionJobPool, queueLength = 0, availableThreads = 19>
<2013-03-19 14:14:37.546 GMT+02:00>:[111]:<MDS-CS_MDS-CS>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = BBM,
EVENT = Notification, GMETAG = 1031012363, STATE = DELIVERED>

 Please help me

Thanks a lot

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Re: Temporary server error on BBM on the simulator

Not sure, but maybe it isn't possible to test BBM on the simulator?

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Re: Temporary server error on BBM on the simulator

It looks like you have the incorrect Java Cryptography Extension files.  Note that the JCE files are different for Java 6 and Java 7.  Ensure you've copied the correct files to your active Java location.

Mark Sohm
BlackBerry Development Advisor

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