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Weird Discarding unconsumed meta data ... anyone???

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My code is not that big yet as I'm about 2/3 of wrapping my port and I'm starting to get some weird things from the NKD plugin BBNative SDK10.1.0.1020 I have this routine that unless I leave like below it will not compile

will always pop that  "Discarding unconsumed meta data" msg


QStringList my_module::group_mixed_replies( const QString &this_reply  )

	 int i ;

	    QVector<QString>  tempCAO;//  temp_CAO  fails
	    QVector<QString> tempPre; // tempPre_CAO  or tempPreCAO fail

	    int testy;    <-- [Discarding.. msg here when failing


So by trial/error I kinda concluding that if the names are 7-chars and don't have a "_ " in it , it will pass the compilation and will allow me to carry on... otherwise just pops in there and I don't see much info about it on the net... anybody has seen this????? 


A couple of other times it will throw some SEGV segmentation error and the only way to get out of it was adding more code.



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Re: Weird Discarding unconsumed meta data ... anyone???

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I just encountered the same problem. For me, the error points to the declaration of a member in a class:


class MyClass : public QObject

... additional members ...

    bb::cascades::Container* myContainerA;

    bb::cascades::Container* myContainerB; //<-- Error

... additional members ...


Where you able to solve this, becker666? Everything seems to work despite the error, so it is ignorable. Still, I would like it to disappear completely.


Regarding the mysterious SEGV errors; I saw that too, occasionally, but It turned out that it was always solvable by a clean and rebuild.


Edit: Just found the solution. The line before the one that is reported is a comment that starts with: "//=". I read before, when I researched this, that lupdate does not like /*= together, without a space before the =. Apparently, it does not like /= either. I just had to change my comment so it starts with "// =" and it worked.

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Re: Weird Discarding unconsumed meta data ... anyone???

It seems like you've got it anyway.  Yeah once u start pushing it then funny things will pop all is left is trial/error , time and patience, BB could certainly enhance their documetation (I've been whining about that since I started doing BB10 stuff ) I don't like the time wasting part since I'm alwasy on time constraints but there is no alternative some times you'll get hints here or someone with a similar issue will give out that hint.

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Re: Weird Discarding unconsumed meta data ... anyone???

you are testing on device or emulator.

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Re: Weird Discarding unconsumed meta data ... anyone???

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I just had the same error and found this post.
For me it seemed that it resulted from some commented out code.


this caused an error



 and this compiled

// =test

 i got the idea from http://gitorious.org/meegotouch/libmeegotouch/merge_requests/486

so i suspect lupdate parsing your code causing the issue.

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Re: Weird Discarding unconsumed meta data ... anyone???


OMG, I realized that /*: sequence also causes this error.

I've spent at least 1/2 hrs with it.


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