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With a Webview element, how can you make a synchronous call to the C++ code from the javascript located in the html page ?

Hi !


Here is my current solution, which is very far from a truly synchronous call (and also quite complex):

In the main.qml file where I have my WebView implemented:

WebView {
    id: webView
    url: propertyMap.url
    onMessageReceived: {
        postMessage(JSHandler.handleMessage(message.origin, message.data));

Where JSHandler is the C++ object in charge of making the interface between the Javascript call and the BlackBerry API.

Here is what the method handleMessage look like:

QString JSHandler::handleMessage(QString origin, QString data)
             if (data.startsWith("helloWorld", Qt::CaseSensitive))   return this->helloWorld(data);
    else if (data.startsWith("getValue1", Qt::CaseSensitive))      return this->getValue1(data);
    else if (data.startsWith("toast", Qt::CaseSensitive))               return this->toast(data);
    else ...
    return "";
QString JSHandler::getValue1(QString data)
    QString value1 = "2";
    return "getValue1 "+value1;


And in each method I wish to implement, I need to further parse the QString data to retrieve the different arguments I wish to use.

In the Javascript code, to retrieve "value1", I use a global variable:

var BBStore = new Object();

navigator.cascades.onmessage = function onmessage(message) {
    var omr = message.split( " ", 2 );
    switch( omr[0] )
    case "getValue1":
        BBStore.value1 = omr[1];
    case ...
        // nothing to do


So if I need to use value1 in method "foo", I need to make a first call to "foo" to fetch the value I need, and then call "foo" again when I have the value I want:

function foo( args ) {
    if ( ! BBStore.value1 ) {
        navigator.cascades.postMessage( "getValue1" );
        setTimeout( foo(args), 100 );
        throw( "fetching value1" );
    var value1 = BBStore.value1;
    // clear the global variable to re-fetch value1 at next call.
    BBStore.value1 = null;
    // do something with args and value1.


At the moment, my application remains simple enough to not run into problems. But should my application becomes more complex, I will have problems of course-condition if for example, another method "bar" also request "value1" and is called almost at the same time than "foo".

Is there any better way than this ?