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inside custom component

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getting event of swipe in horizontal listview.

Hi all,


I was implementing horizontal BB carousel in a listview. Which show only one item at a time. I am able to do the horizontal listview carousel, but the problem is on how to get whether the item is changed to the next or previous on swipe.



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Re: getting event of swipe in horizontal listview.

I never found a neat way to do this. There is no signal that the listview emits when the scoll position changes. In the end I've used a LayoutUpdateHandler on each item to detect when the list items have changed position. I define a function in the ListView that does the calculation.


The key is to detect which item has an x-coordinate of '0' - the one that has a coordinate of 0 must be the 'current' item, assuming that the listview spans the whole width of the display. In the code below you'll see that I use a '< 10' to get close-enough to 0



ListView {

snapMode: SnapMode.LeadingEdge flickMode: FlickMode.SingleItem layout: StackListLayout { orientation: LayoutOrientation.LeftToRight } function itemLayoutChanged(listItem, layoutFrame) { if(Math.abs(layoutFrame.x) < 10) { var itemIndex = listItem.indexInSection; console.log("item " + itemIndex + " selected"); } }

listItemCompinents: [
] }

 the listitem needs to look like this:


ListItemComponent {
   id: myItem
   Container {
     attachedObjects: LayoutUpdateHandler {
        onLayoutFrameChanged: {
            myItem.ListItem.view.itemLayoutChange(myItem.ListItem, layoutFrame);


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Re: getting event of swipe in horizontal listview.

Do you need to know which list item the user is currently viewing?  If the user selects the item you will know which item it is.  If you want to display something different on the screen depending on which item is visible you can add those controls to to the ListItemComponent.

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Re: getting event of swipe in horizontal listview.

Have you tried using the ListScrollStateHandler?


ListView {
                id: listView
                //and other stuff
                attachedObjects: [
                    ListScrollStateHandler {
                        onFirstVisibleItemChanged: {
                            console.log("Current visible item is:  " + firstVisibleItem);


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Re: getting event of swipe in horizontal listview.

[ Edited ]
onFirstVisibleItemChanged signal i am getting the index of current visible item, but when scrolling comes to end it is automatically emitting (n-1) item index. For example i have 5 items in listview, when i reach 5th item its emitted 5 then automatically to 4, and if i scroll back to 4th item now no signal emitting, then from 3rd item onwards to back working fine.. 

Can any one help me why this different behaviour when scroll reaches last item in the listview?
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Re: getting event of swipe in horizontal listview.

I also use a LayoutUpdateHandler for horizontal ListView, here's a sample app I've made for building a Tutorial.