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onPlaybackCompleted signal issue MediaPlayer



I am using the the dictaphone sample. https://github.com/blackberry/Cascades-Samples/tree/master/dictaphone


The MediaPlayer  is an attachedObject.


attachedObjects: [
MediaPlayer {
    id: player


The code to tap a sound and play it is the following:


 player.sourceUrl = ""
// Set the currently selected track as player source URL
 player.sourceUrl = listView.dataModel.data(listView.selected()).url
// Start playback

I tap the sound and get the following output in the debug console


START 1 MediaPlayerPrivate::onBufferStatusChanged 
MediaPlayerPrivate::onBufferStatusChanged: emit bufferStatusChanged()
MediaPlayerPrivate::onBufferStatusChanged:   bufferStatus=Idle
=> END 1 ( 0 ms): 
=> END 1 ( 3 ms): 
=> END 1 ( 4 ms): 
START 1 MmrContextNotifier::onReadyRead 
MmrContextNotifier::onReadyRead: QMap(("@state", PpsAttribute(Object, QFlags() ,  QMap(("error", PpsAttribute(String, QFlags() ,  "0" ) ) ( "error_pos" ,  PpsAttribute( String,  QFlags() ,  "1:1924" ) ) ( "speed" ,  PpsAttribute( String,  QFlags() ,  "1000" ) ) ( "state" ,  PpsAttribute( String,  QFlags() ,  "stopped" ) ) )  ) ) )  
START 1 MmrContextNotifier::onPpsStateChanged 
MmrContextNotifier::onPpsStateChanged: emit playbackCompleted()
START 1 MediaPlayerPrivate::onMmrPlaybackCompleted 
START 1 MediaPlayerPrivate::setMediaState 
MediaPlayerPrivate::setMediaState: emit mediaStateChanged()
MediaPlayerPrivate::setMediaState:   mediaState=Stopped
=> END 1 ( 0 ms): 
MediaPlayerPrivate::onMmrPlaybackCompleted: emit playbackCompleted()
=> END 1 ( 0 ms): 
=> END 1 ( 1 ms): 
=> END 1 ( 3 ms): 


I need to connect eht playbackCompleted() signal from the MediaPlayer to code in my qml page.


I tried adding


    // do something

 to the MediaPlayer attached object with no luck. 


I am thinking that there should be a way to connect the playbackCompleted signal to using CPP. Need assistance.



Also. How do I get the length of the audio clip in qml/cpp based on the sample code?



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Registered: ‎10-17-2010
My Device: (BlackBerry Z10)-> Q10/Passport Dual Use

Re: onPlaybackCompleted signal issue MediaPlayer

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Re: onPlaybackCompleted signal issue MediaPlayer

A litte soon for a bump...


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Re: onPlaybackCompleted signal issue MediaPlayer

Generally if a signal fires in C++ it will fire in QML so changing it to C++ won't make a difference, there are always a small number of bugs between C++ and QML (look at invocation problems for an example) but I haven't heard of any for MediaPlayer.


Check your code or post the whole thing here to be looked at.


As long as the media format you are playing supports it you should be able to get the length from metaData().




Alternatively from the durationChanged() signal.

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Re: onPlaybackCompleted signal issue MediaPlayer

Try onMediaStateChanged() and detect if the state is MediaState.Stopped