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Registered: ‎10-08-2012
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My Carrier: Tunisiana
Accepted Solution

signal finished SystemListDialog

#include <bb/system/SystemUiResult>

using namespace bb::cascades;
using namespace bb::system;

namespace bb {
namespace system{
class SystemUiResult;

	void test();
public slots:
    void onPromptFinished(SystemUiResult::Type type);


void CarsLogger::test() {
	SystemListDialog *dialog = new SystemListDialog("conf", "canc");

	bool success = QObject::connect(dialog,
			SIGNAL(finished(SystemUiResult::Type)), this,

	if (success) {
		// Signal was successfully connected.
		// Now show the prompt in your UI

	} else {
		// Failed to connect to signal.

void CarsLogger::onPromptFinished(SystemUiResult::Type type) {
    if (type != SystemUiResult::ConfirmButtonSelection)
        qDebug() << "Prompt Accepted:";
        // The user accepted the prompt.
    else {
        qDebug() << "Prompt Rejected";
        // The user rejected the prompt.

 I want to implement a SystemListDialog but i get an error message 

Object::connect: No such signal bb::system:Smiley FrustratedystemListDialog::finished(SystemUiResult::Type) in ../src/CarsLogger.cpp:511


does anyone has an example of using SystemListDialog??

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My Device: Z30, Z10 LE, DevAlpha C, PlayBook

Re: signal finished SystemListDialog

[ Edited ]

Hi! Use fully-qualified names for signals and slots:



p.s. It's not recommended to use "using namespace" in .h files. This will pollute namespace of every .cpp file which includes this header. It's better to use fully-qualified names in .h files and call "using namespace" in .cpp only.


Andrey Fidrya, @zmeyc on twitter
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My Device: Q5
My Carrier: Blackberry

Re: signal finished SystemListDialog



I have a similar code, however I have a problem with connect function. That is my code 






#include "util.hpp"

#include <bb/pim/message/MessageContact>
#include <bb/pim/account/AccountService>
#include <bb/pim/account/Account>
#include <bb/pim/account/Provider>
#include <bb/pim/message/ConversationBuilder>
#include <bb/pim/message/MessageBuilder>
#include <bb/pim/message/MessageService>
#include <bb/pim/message/Attachment>
#include <bb/cascades/Page>
#include <bb/system/SystemListDialog>
#include <bb/system/SystemDialog>

#include <bb/system/SystemToast>

#include <bb/device/HardwareInfo>
#include <bb/platform/PlatformInfo>

namespace bb {
namespace pim {
namespace account {

class MessageComposer {


        Account m_currentAccount;
        bb:Smiley Tongueim::message::MessageContact recipient;
        QString subject;
        bb:Smiley Tongueim::message::Attachment attachment;
        bool hasAttachment;
        QByteArray body;
        QList<bb:Smiley Tongueim::account::Account> m_accountList;
        bb::system:Smiley FrustratedystemListDialog *listdialog;


        virtual ~MessageComposer();
        bool selectAccount();
        void getRecipient(QString);
        void getSubject(QString);
        void getAttachment(bool, QString name, QString url);
        void getBody(QString);

       QString addPhoneDatas();
       void updateAccountList();
       void showEmailListDialog();
       void showEmptyEmailList();

       Q_INVOKABLE void sendMessage();


public slots:

          void onEmailListFinished(bb::system:Smiley FrustratedystemUiResult::Type type);


} /* namespace account */
} /* namespace pim */
} /* namespace bb */





void MessageComposer::showEmailListDialog()
           using namespace bb::system;

           listdialog = new SystemListDialog("OK", "Cancel");
           listdialog->setTitle("Please, select one of these email accounts");

           foreach (const Account &account, m_accountList) {



           bool success = QObject::connect(listdialog, //bb::system:Smiley FrustratedystemListDialog*&
                                                                SIGNAL(finished(SystemUiResult::Type)), //const char*
                                                                this, //bb:Smiley Tongueim::account::MessageComposer* const
                                                                SLOT(onEmailListFinished(SystemUiResult::Type)));//const char*

           if (success)




void MessageComposer:Smiley SurprisednEmailListFinished(bb::system:Smiley FrustratedystemUiResult::Type type)

           using namespace bb::system;

           if (type == SystemUiResult::ConfirmButtonSelection) {
                 qDebug() << "Prompt Accepted:";
                 printf("Button confirm\n"); fflush(stdout);
                 QList<int> index = listdialog->selectedIndices();
                 m_currentAccount = m_accountList.at((index.first() -1));
           } else if (type == SystemUiResult::CancelButtonSelection) {
                 SystemToast *toast = new SystemToast();
                 toast->setBody("If you don't select any account, we can not continue sending the email");
           } else
                 qDebug() << "Prompt Rejected";




The error is 

Multiple markers at this line
- no matching function for call to 'QObject::connect(bb::system:Smiley FrustratedystemListDialog*&, const char*, bb:Smiley Tongueim::account::MessageComposer* const,
const char*)'


In console:

error: no matching function for call to 'QObject::connect(bb::system:Smiley FrustratedystemListDialog*&, const char*, bb:Smiley Tongueim::account::MessageComposer* const, const char*)'


Any idea? All suggestions are welcome, I have spent 1 week  until now and I haven't found the solutions.


Thanks, Carmen