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Payment Service

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Payment Service Weird Problem

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Hi all,


I have a freemium app that enable the users to unlock the Premium/Pro features. I have tried coding based on the tutorial on the cascades docs on Payment Service.


The problem is, I get long error code from the reply->errorCode();

the code was 141004048



below is my code :


void PurchasePage::purchase()

    paymentManager = new PaymentManager(this);

    // Get the window group ID and pass it to the PaymentManager instance.
    const QString windowGroupId =Application::instance()->mainWindow()->groupId();
//Request a purchase using the ID and SKU of the digital good. const PurchaseReply *purchaseReply = paymentManager->requestPurchase("244779xx", "ProVersion"); // Connect the finished() signal to a slot to handle the purchase. QObject::connect(purchaseReply, SIGNAL(finished()), SLOT(handlePurchase())); } void PurchasePage::handlePurchase() { PurchaseReply *reply = qobject_cast<PurchaseReply*>(sender()); Q_ASSERT(reply); // Check to see if the request finished. if (reply->isFinished()) { //if there were errors. if (reply->isError()) { showDialog("Purchase Error",QString::number(reply->errorCode())+"\n"+reply->errorText()); } else//if there were no errors. { QString successString="Pro version is now activated."; showDialog("Purchase Succeed",successString); //set statusLabel text to Activated statusLabel->setText("Activated"); purchaseButton->setEnabled(false); } } else { if (reply->isError()) { showDialog("Purchase Error",QString::number(reply->errorCode())+"\n"+reply->errorText()); } } reply->deleteLater(); }




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Re: Payment Service Weird Problem

How was the app installed to the device (side-loaded, downloaded through BlackBerry World dev mode etc)?

Does the error code ever change? Or is it always 141004048?


Also, looking at your code it looks like the app instantiates a new PaymentManager every time a purchase is made, you should only have one instance of this, the purchase() call should only handle the purchase request logic.

Goodbye everybody!
Posts: 238
Registered: ‎12-26-2010
My Device: BlackBerry Z10
My Carrier: Telus

Re: Payment Service Weird Problem

it was installed via sandbox method.

The error code isnt suppose to be that.

It seems that I concat it in a wrong way..

Everything is running well now.. thanks!!