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Cannot sign widget - failed to find signing keys

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About 1 year ago I installed Eclipse and the BB plug-in to develop BB java apps. I had purchased and installed signing keys and was able to sign the apps fine back then.


I then wanted to write a "widget" using the new (to me) web plug-in for eclipse. The only way I could get that working was by installing the all-in-one "BlackBerry Web Plug-in Eclipse" (the package that has both the correct version of eclipse the plug-in extension). The only problem is I can't sign the widgets. Smiley Sad


So, in summary, I have two versions of Eclipse on my computer:

1. A version with the java blackberry plug-in for making apps in java (which I was able to sign)

2. The version with the widget blackberry plug-in for making widget apps (which I can not sign)


The error I get from the "BlackBerry Web/Widget" version of eclipse when I try to sign my widget is:

Cannot sign widget - failed to find signing keys


Do I need to somehow import the keys (wherever they are) from the old version of Eclipse to the "new" Or maybe re-install them?

Or buy them again?


Note: I still have the original 3 .csi files if that helps


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated...

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Re: Cannot sign widget - failed to find signing keys

You can copy your code signing keys to the other instance of eclipse.  To do so, copy the sigtool.csk, sigtool.db and sigtool.set files from your BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse plug-in directory to the bin directory of the BlackBerry Widget Packager (same directory as SignatureTool.jar). 


If you are unable to locate them, post the version of Java plug-in you are using.  The file location varies between versions.

Mark Sohm
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Re: Cannot sign widget - failed to find signing keys

Thank you for your response. I had emailed dev support and recieved the following response (which is essentialy the same thing that you said):


Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Application Development Support.

When you install your signature keys, at first they are only registered with one (1) JDE. Specifically, the most recently installed JDE on your machine. By completing the following steps, you should be able to enable your signing privileges for all JDEs located on your machine:

1) Locate your signature keys by searching your computer for sigtool.db. You may find multiple sigtool.db files, however you are looking for the sigtool.db that, when opened with a text editor, you see references to all three (RBB, RRT, and RCR) signers as follows:

#The database file containing information for requesting signatures.

If you can find this file, proceed to the next step, otherwise we can issue a replacement set of signature keys, free of charge.

2) COPY the following four (4) files from the same folder that you located the sigtool.db file in:
- sigtool.db
- sigtool.set (if this file does not exist, it is okay to ignore it.)
- sigtool.csk
- SignatureTool.jar

3) If you are using Eclipse 3.5.1 or greater, there is a shared folder where you can PASTE your signature files to, by default:
C:\Program Files\Eclipse\plugins\net.rim.ejde\vmTools

If the vmTools folder does not exist, you will have to PASTE the four (4) files to each component pack individually, by default:
C:\Program Files\Eclipse\plugins\net.rim.ejde.componentpackx.x.x_x.x.x.x\components\bin (where x.x.x_x.x.x.x is the Component Pack version.)

If you are using the BlackBerry JDE, please note that there is no shared folder. You will need to associate each individual JDE with your signing privileges and PASTE the files into each associated BIN folder:
C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE x.x.x\bin (where x.x.x is the JDE version.)

Finally, if you are using BlackBerry Widgets, you can PASTE the files into the following BIN folder, default:
C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Widget Packager\bin

By copying those four (4) files and pasting them into the BIN folders of your JDEs, you are copying your signing privileges to those JDEs as well. Please note that this approach will enable signing privileges for all JDEs on one (1) machine, but will not work for JDEs on other machines; signature keys may only be installed on one (1) machine.

If you have any questions about the above process, do not hesitate to contact me.


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Well it turns out I didn't have any sigtool.[anything]... I wrote back and they sent me another set of keys as promised.

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Re: Cannot sign widget - failed to find signing keys

I am working on WebWorks plugin for eclipse and I have the same problem, I already have the keys located in Blackberry Widget Packager\bin, but i when I try to sign I get "failed to find signing keys
" error.