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Developer Alpha Device Issues



I tried setting up the signing keys with my alpha device and I ran into some serious issues.


1)  When I set the device to development mode, I set the password on my device to "blackberry"


2)  I proceeded to run the setup wizard in the native SDK Beta and it would not recognize my device using the USB cord or wifi with the password that I set.  It gave me 10 options to try again.  I did.


3)  When I ran out of my options, the device wiped itself (I had no choice.  It would not take my password)


4)  After the wipe, my device is no longer recognized by my computer and the camera icon disappeared on my alpha device.


5)  When I connect my alpha device to my computer to try running the setup wizard again, it still does not recognize my alpha device.  It is telling me that I need to install drivers.  I have no way of doing so because my computer is not recognizing it under "my computer".  I have no way of opening the alpha drive to install the necessary drivers.  I tried opening the desktop manager and it won't recognize the device this way either.


What can I do to get passed this hurdle?  I've tried everything.  Is there a way to reinstall the software?  it appears that the wipe deleted necessary drivers, etc.


I hope I made some sense.  I tried to be as clear as possible.


I look forward to any assistance.


All smiles,





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Re: Developer Alpha Device Issues

I have basicly done the same thing and now have the same issue.  The camera is gone and the SIM card status now shows "Carrier name unavailable" where before it was working with ATT.


I suspect I am now missing components.  The number of applications displayed now shows 3.  This is definitly going to hamper my ability to deploy my application for testing as I am relying on understanding the impacts of WWAN for peer-2-peer communication where latency is what I need to account for to ensure my approach is feasible.


I am excited about developing with this device however I'm just hung up in the rocks right now without being able to reload through the desktop due to drivers.


I was under the impression there would be a Desktop Manager 7.1 release to support this device in the Beta Zone however all I see is 7.0.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Developer Alpha Device Issues

Everything that you mentioned also applies to me; however, my device eventually recognized the SIM card. I assume yours will eventually do the same.
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Re: Developer Alpha Device Issues

Sure enough it does recognize the SIM now.


The other issue are still present since the device sees no "update" to download nor can it be connected to a desktop.

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Re: Developer Alpha Device Issues

I find it odd that I am completely unable to use data over 4G however and under the SIM card information my card shows up with an ID and carrier however unlike others I show no "Phone Numbers".


I am also finding that the touchscreen goes completely unresponsive sometimes after waking it up and rotating the device.  Then all I can do it press the button at the top to suspend the device without a way to bring it back.  I can also hold the button in and wait for the redlight to indicate it is rebooting.


I have wiped it a number of times now.

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Re: Developer Alpha Device Issues

[ Edited ]

I feel like I may be hijacking this thread but yor title is quite encompassing.


Here is what I am currently facing:


Issue Group #1:
- Each time I wake the device (for example a swipe) the screen will light up and be usable until the device orientation changes.
- The screen will then lock with the new orientation and will refuse any touch response and further orientation changes.
- I them must hold the power button down to have the unit reboot (red light will light and the device will boot).
- Simply pressing the power and to suspend the unit will black out the screen however the screen will not come back up when clicked again.
- This issue can be reproduced after each resume swipe even after multiple device wipes while not plugged in from my testing.


Issue Group #2:
- The SIM card shows a red exclamation in the top menu bar drop down after each of these episodes until I power the unit off completely and rebooted multiple times (sometimes it requires a good hour before being recognized).
- The SIM card properties under "About" displays no ID and "Carrier name unavailable".
- After much time has elapsed the SIM card properties under "About" will begin to contain a SIM card ID and "AT&T" as the carrier however no "Phone Numbers".


Issue Group #3:
- After a security wipe and the initial setup wizard without any further actions on a full charge with the screen off the battery will last under 4 hours.
- Charging takes much finness to get going (with the included charger to verify) including reboots and series of unplugs.
- After much messing around to get it charging, it seems to progress much too fast, going from blinking light to fully charged and ready to die in mere hours while suspended in about 45 minutes on the charger.


- I wanted to try an OS reload using the Desktop Manager however I cannot find it in Beta Zone (only 7.0) and 7.0 lacks the drivers needed for this device.
- It seems this particular device has been opened before based on the lower bezel condition (dented with an area pulled out), maybe it was a problem device.



It seems there may be 2 groups of these Dev Alpha devices.  Some with these types of issues and others without.  I have had another developer test their device without the issues my device exhibits.  In comparing the devices I have noticed the serial number of my device starting with 0702- whereas the other developer's working device being 0701-.  The OS also shows a "Radio Version" of "10.04.187 (1)" instead of just "10.04.187" as mine displays.


I find this a bit interesting.

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Re: Developer Alpha Device Issues

Curious if you have a resolution yet. Basically the device is a brick at this point as it will not connect and I cannot load anything on it

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Re: Developer Alpha Device Issues

Any updates??
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Re: Developer Alpha Device Issues

Go to the BlackBerry Beta zone and download the Desktop Manager bundle 33 from July 16th, this will help to recover wiped Dev Alpha

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Re: Developer Alpha Device Issues

1)) Plug Dev Alpha into computer
2) Open device manager (right click on my computer, properties, hardware)
3) uninstalled the “RIM PlayBook CD-ROM” drivers that were installed
4) uninstalled USB Mass Storage Device that connected to RIM Playbook
5) unplugged dev-alpha
6) killed all processes that have “RIM” in them
7) Reinstalled AppLoaderWebSL_7.1.0.34.msi
8) ran desktop manager
9) rebooted dev-alpha (at this point, there should have a popup saying “BlackBerry smartphone driver installing”)
10) reboot dev-alpha again and desktop manager should prompt you that it can’t connect – click “repair”
11) press and hold power button again until you see red LED and now, it should recognize the device and sees an update and updates again.