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Testing and Deployment

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Testing BES Integration

Hello, this is my frist post and I'm hoping it is directed at the right forum. I work on a software product that performs e-mail archiving. We developed a MAPI shim that is installed on the BES server to assist with reconstruction of archvied email stubs. Long story short, I am attempting to test some new modifications with BES 5.0.3.


Part 1 of my testing is to create a functional and predictable BES enviroment that we test our shim from. I have not yet tried installing our software, I'm only trying to get a testing method set up so I can spot any strange behavior.


Our 4.1.7 testing went a little along the lines of stop BES Services, send a message to an Exchange user, allow our archiving software to strip the body and attachments from the message. Once it is in this state, test the reconstruction by starting the services and connecting the simulator and syncing the messages.


Lets assume for a moment that our software works fine. I'm currently trying this with BES 5.0.3 and cannot get predictiable behavior from BES. I'm using the BlackBerry Simulator and MDS with BlackBerry Desktop Manager to activate and sync messages. I can activate the device fine and when the simulator is connected via USB any new messages I receive show up in my inbox on the phone. This part is fast and works wonderfully.


If I disconnect the Simulator from USB and send a message, I understand due to the limitations of the Simulator, I will need to plug it into USB to receive any new messages, this worked fine in 4.1.7, but in this situation, any messages received by the mailbox during the time the simulator was not connected via USB are never delivered.


The only time I can get a message to the phone is when it is connected via USB. Is this correct?


Also since I took the time to create this account I am going to ask a few more questions that have really been bugging me.


Why does the mailbox not backfill anything? After activation you get an emtpy mailbox on your phone.


Are messages updated on the phone during a sync, or is the content static once the message has been downloaded to the phone?


What type of role do the product keys play with BES after the product is installed? We purchased two 5.0 keys and I used one while testing 4.1.7, scrapped that and used it again for 5.0, will that cause any functionality problems?


Is there a log I can view that shows BES obtaining the message and then pushing it to the device?


Does the BES database store message data or is it all configuration and user information?


Sorry for all the questions, I just really have no one to ask. If anyone can answer any of these that would make my day.



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Re: Testing BES Integration

The BlackBerry smartphone simulator must be connected via USB to send and receive messages using a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.  This is the expected behaviour.


I can answer a few of your BES questions.  I recommend posting those I didn't in our BES forum, where the real BES experts will see it.  Smiley Happy


By sync, are you referring to syncing using Desktop Manager?  If so, messages are not updated or modified when you perform this.  The device/simulator needs direct contact to the BES to any changes to occur (mark read/unread, etc...).  Message contents can change as you view the message.  Only the first 2k of a message is sent to the device initially.  As you read more of the message, it downloads additional content in the background.


The SRP ID of a BES can be moved from one install to another, but can only be active on one BES at a time.  If you start two BES with the same SRP ID your SRP ID will be disabled on the BlackBerry Infrastructure side and you'd need to contact RIM to re-enable it.

Mark Sohm
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Re: Testing BES Integration