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ASP.net GridView buttons not working

Hi all,


I have an ASP.NET web application which is accessed through a widget. I can't get any command buttons such as "Select" to work. The events do not fire, but they work fine when I view the site in my desktop browser.


Is the GridView supported on blackberrys?

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Re: ASP.net GridView buttons not working

Some more info: I'm targetting .NET 3.5


When I debug I get the error "__doPostBack is not defined"


I have followed the instructions at "How To - Configure .NET 2.0 for BlackBerry Browser support" but it still dosn't work.


Can anybody help?

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Re: ASP.net GridView buttons not working

I solved the problem by creating an App_Browsers folder in my solution, and then copied the BlackBerry.browser file from .NET 4.0


The file is below


    <!-- BlackBerry9000/ Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/120 -->
    <browser id="BlackBerry" parentID="Default">
            <userAgent match="BlackBerry(?'deviceName'\w+)/(?'version'(?'major'\d+)(\.(?'minor'\d+)?)\w*)" />

            <capability name="layoutEngine"                    value="BlackBerry" />
            <capability name="browser"                         value="BlackBerry" />
            <capability name="majorversion"                    value="${major}" />
            <capability name="minorversion"                    value="${minor}" />
            <capability name="type"                            value="BlackBerry${major}" />
            <capability name="mobileDeviceModel"               value="${deviceName}" />
            <capability name="isMobileDevice"                  value="true" />
            <capability name="version"                         value="${version}" />
            <capability name="ecmascriptversion"               value="3.0" />
            <capability name="javascript"                      value="true" />
            <capability name="javascriptversion"               value="1.3" />
            <capability name="w3cdomversion"                   value="1.0" />
            <capability name="supportsAccesskeyAttribute"      value="true" />
            <capability name="tagwriter"                       value="System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter" />
            <capability name="cookies"                         value="true" />
            <capability name="frames"                          value="true" />
            <capability name="javaapplets"                     value="true" />
            <capability name="supportsCallback"                value="true" />
            <capability name="supportsDivNoWrap"               value="false" />
            <capability name="supportsFileUpload"              value="true" />
            <capability name="supportsMultilineTextBoxDisplay" value="true" />
            <capability name="supportsXmlHttp"                 value="true" />
            <capability name="tables"                          value="true" />
            <capability name="canInitiateVoiceCall"            value="true" />

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Re: ASP.net GridView buttons not working

Hi, I need my gridview to be able to work with blackberry as well, but when i tried out ur post, i was returned with the following error:


Parser Error Message: parsing "BlackBerry(?'deviceName'\w+)/(?'version'(?'?major'\d+)(\.(?'minor'\d+)?)\w*)" - Invalid group name: Group names must begin with a word character.

would you have any idea what i may have done wrong ?