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Web and WebWorks Development

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Re: Dev Alpha WebWorks performance worse than PlayBook?

"Hang tight and keep a close eye for updates"


Does that mean you're expecting performance to be improved? And if so, could you provide comparative times using your internal builds?


I'd love to be able to use HTML5 for apps, but at the moment it's a risk. Even simple inputs and buttons don't perform well on the Dev Alpha A.


Just to confirm. I am also experiencing poor performance on inputs/buttons and sensitivity issues on buttons.


Also appears that certain input types don't initiate the virtual keyboard. Including Date/Time/DateTime/month etc - (based on the 0.9.4 sample app and also when using jQuery Mobile library). 

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Re: Dev Alpha WebWorks performance worse than PlayBook?

I tried to create a simple test case to show off my performance issues but I had same performance on the PlayBook and on the Dev Aplha in this simple test case. Maybe it's the number of objects that matter?


Anyway, I thought I would share my videos to anyone who is interested, hoping it will make Web Works (and my app) better for BB 10.




There are 2 videos are of my own application. One on the PlayBook and one on Dev Alpha. Please notice the lag as I drag the cards on the dev alpha and how the cards are being repainted slowly.


There is also bbUI progress indicator demo side by side. The performance is a bit worse on the Dev Alpha.


Can't wait to test my app on the new Web Works release...

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Re: Dev Alpha WebWorks performance worse than PlayBook?

I agree with many of you. My webworks app is looking great using bbui.js. The layout and everything isn't easy to tell apart from a Cascades app. But when it's in motion it's a different story. Button responsiveness isn't the greatest either. I'm hoping with improvements to the BB10 browser and Web Works that we'll see these issues resolved like cdelcol mentioned.


The next update should be this month if I'm not mistaken. Hopefully before Jam Asia.

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Re: Dev Alpha WebWorks performance worse than PlayBook?

Wow, I'm glad I found this thread. My PlayBook app was developed using jQueryMobile so I started down the path of making the necessary tweaks to support the smaller screen.  I realize jQueryMobile isn't exactly a speed demon and my app is a bit sluggish on the PlayBook already but I was shocked at how unusable it was on the Dev Alpha (original), particularly how unresponsive button presses were.


So initially I blamed jQueryMobile and started down the path of migrating my app to bbUI, which is a nice framework that really does a great job of looking like a native cascades app.  Unfortunately, I quickly came to realize that 1) performance still wasn't acceptable and 2) it was going to be a pretty significant effort requiring me to rewrite big chunks of the app.  


Given that and since I thought it would be a good opportunity to get more familiar with Qt, I decided instead to spend the effort rewriting it as a native app.  I'm hoping to use a WebView for one screen so I can reuse some code. Right now all I can say is wow, what a difference.  Prototyping the screens using QML has been surprisingly easy and performance--from app startup to control responsiveness to transitions and animations--is simply unbelievable.


I know HTML5+JS is all the rage but you definitely have your work cut out for you to get WebWorks app performance from where it's at now to within range of native.  I really hope you can succeed but at least for this project I'm going to continue down the native path.


Anyway as always keep up the great work guys, I'm looking forward to the next update and of course to the BB10 release.





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Re: Dev Alpha WebWorks performance worse than PlayBook?

BlackBerry is really proud of the BB10 browser in terms of completness of its W3C implementation, how well it does on compatibility tasks like html5test.com and Ringmark and by all means this is awesome!


And even on ther performance subject they are improving a lot. A few months ago I started a thread on this forum to keep track of Playbook's browser and it's quite impressive how well it performs. Specially its Canvas and WebGL.


But still ... the browser's performance shies away compared to the monster that is Cascades. When BB10 finally arrives to the Playbook, I think it will give the "ancient" hardware a good boost and still be very usefull for couple more years.


Looking forward for what is coming.

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Re: Dev Alpha WebWorks performance worse than PlayBook?

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Actually, I don't think the BB10 browser will be built with Cascades. If I understand correctly, it's comprised completely of web technologies (html/css/js). This bummed me out, though I hope they can pull off the fluidity we see in some of their Cascades apps in the browser department.


But in terms of general PlayBook performance, yes, it should get a nice increase with Cascades replacing a lot of the AIR elements that we currently have. It should make the whole UI less resource hungry.