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Differences between Visual Studio Plug-in Browser and BB Browser

Environment:  32-bit Windows 7, most recent Java development environment from Sun, Visual Studio 8 most recent BlackBerry Beta Plug-in, 9700 Simulator working fine, whitelisted remote .NET/ASP/SQL Server 2008 to use as remote formatted page server, XMLHTTP requests,  and possibly direct .asp service calls.


I am having difficulty determining what kind of browser the new Visual Studio Widget Plug-in is using.  It seems like a browser from pre 4.0.  I am running the 9700 simulator.  I can't find where to change the browser settings on the simulator... I have looked in the config files too and can't find anything. 


The two browsers are significantly different... i.e. the simulator browser application opens my remote .net ASP web site with no problem, showing backgrounds, tables all CSS formatting.


The same browser inside the widget blows up on the standard comment "<!-- ".  It doesn't support CSS backgrounds and a bunch of other fairly standard elements... to the point that it is pretty impractical.  It does seem to support simple formatting embeded in the elements.  It seems like it is a very, very old browser version.  I wan't to change the browser model for my Visual Studio widget application.


How can I programatically change the browser in the Widget application?  Is there a better simulator to use that uses a more recent browser model.


I have seen some code samples for pure java how to determine the browser models available and select the best one, but I don't beleive they will work under the more limited Plug-in.


Thank you

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Re: Differences between Visual Studio Plug-in Browser and BB Browser

The browser rendering engine used in a BlackBerry Widget is the exact same browser rendering engine that is used in the BlackBerry Browser.  I have worked on the code myself and can 100% verify this.


The difference is that when the BlackBerry widget retrieves HTML content, it does not have the MDS manipulate the HTML before it is delivered to the widget.  If you use the hotspot browser on the simulator and simulate a WiFi connection, and do not have the MDS running it will be an apples to apples comparison.

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My Device: 9700
My Carrier: AT&T

Re: Differences between Visual Studio Plug-in Browser and BB Browser

Yes, now nothing on my page works after setting to the wifi settings.  I found another one of my web site frameworks which seems to render correctly so it is defintely a problem with the framework and the CSS pages I am using. 


So after a bunch of testing I have come to the conclusion that there is something in my CSS of the framework I am using  is chocking the native BB browser.  As you said wen MDS is in front, checking, compressing and converting bad stuff it seems to handel most anything. 


Since I have to signaficantly reformat the pages for the smaller viewport anyway,  I have copied the old pages and begun cutting them down.  I started a new CSS page and started reformatting and that seems to work so far in the widget level browser.  It will probably take me less time in the end starting the CSS from scratch than to figure out what is causing the problem in my current CSS page.


Thank you.