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Easy way to implement trial and buy

Is there a easy way or a library ti implement a trial and buy license model?


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Re: Easy way to implement trial and buy

Have you considered building this into your app?


  1. Setup a digital good representing "buy" that the user can purchase to unlock all features of your app.
  2. Save to memory a timestamp when the user first installs or opens the app. 
  3. Always check on app startup if the "buy" digital good has been purchases.  If it hasn't, and if the timestamp is longer than X period of time (e.g. 5 days, or 1 month), then show a prompt asking them to purchase access to the rest of the content.

Something like that?

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Re: Easy way to implement trial and buy

While I was waiting for my Z10 some weeks ago I was stuck in no-device land (frustrating) so explored iOS and Droid implementations. Many of my findings are now applicable to BB10 as well (btw - ios + Droid sucked)


First off, as @astanley says, get used too the Purchase API as that is the keystone of such a route to profit


Secondly - decide on how you're going to limit your try-buy. There are three basic options.


a) Timed trial - dead after X days

b) Limited usability then full product

c) Added usability - sell bits people want piecemeal


Personally I have always hated (a) - some form of limitation always seems better


The other advantage, thanks to @oros + @anzor_b, is that you can now carry Ads (still working some issues out but the API is there on GitHub). This means that a limited but everlasting app gets some ad-placement cash whether the user buys it or not


Obviously when be get to (b) and (c) Ads go away


The choice between a full product delivery or a bit-by-bit unlock depends entirely on the app


I'll give you a real world example I'm involved in


We have a large selection of highly specialized images for a very specific market (they're very pretty)


My co-developer's first stance was to only sell full product until I pointed out that giving away enough product to be desirable to come back to with ads and upgrade options gave us the best of both worlds


I must admit that these are not my own ideas (JamSterdam opened my eyes)


The concept is now that everyone gets full product delivery but they can only use a small portion for free and have to suffer ads


For 19.99 you get it all

For 0.99 you can unlock some user selectable media (doing the entire product this way would be VERY expensive)


I sorta like the combined (b) + (c) way but it doesn't apply to all apps - you may be stuck with an either / or


The way to handle that is up to you


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Re: Easy way to implement trial and buy

Adam, what would be the pest place to write the timestamp on PlayBook and BB10?


The thing is:


a) the data should be persisted even after app unistall

b) ideally, it shouldn't require any additional permissions from the user.


I'm almost ready with my app. The trial problem is my final concern now Smiley Happy