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Package id error. WebWorks application signer.

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Could somebody please tell me why when signing the same application for BB10 OS and PlayBook OS I am getting different application id in MANIFEST.MF file, which results in rejection by Vendor Portal when uploading .bar file.


Both SDKs are recent if it matters.

Application unchanged, just signed for different devices.

Both signing processes successful just different Package-Name in MANIFEST.MF file. (Should be the same because same config.xml was used.)

Keys used are the same.


Here are examples:




Package-Type: application
Package-Author: Me  - This is always the same with given set of keys
Package-Name: XXX  - Specified in xml file, must be the same
Package-Architecture: armle-v7
Package-Author-Certificate-Hash: xxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Package-Author-Id: Me  - This is always the same with given set of keys
Package-Id: This should be the same for both packages given that Package-Name is the same
Package-Version-Id: Version dependent number
Package-Issue-Date: 2013-04-28T08:18:12Z





Package-Type: application
Package-Author: Me
Package-Name: XXX608d35518356ae28ab6cb8e8ck6b11b - See that what screws everything up
Package-Architecture: armle-v7
Package-Author-Certificate-Hash: xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Package-Author-Id: Me
Package-Id: Not the same because of the Package-Name being different
Package-Version-Id: Version dependent number
Package-Issue-Date: 2013-04-28T08:18:18Z


608d35518356ae28ab6cb8e8ck6b11b - that is what is wrong with Package-Name.



.bar signed for BB10 comes with normal Package-Name the one specified in config.xml file in id tag. .bar signed for PlayBook OS comes with Package-Name that looks like what normal one would like plus whole bunch of numbers uttachet to it so it looks kinda like a hash tag. But all it needs to be is just to mimic what is specified in id tag of config.xml file.


Like I said PlayBook package is rejected by Vendor Portal for a "Different Package ID" reason. (Why would Package IDs be the same if your own BlackBerry signing tools screw everything up). BB10 verson was uploaded first.What I am trying to say if PlayBook verson would be first then BB10 version would be rejected for exactly the same reason.


This leaves me with two options:


1. Try to resolve this with Vendor Support. (Not gonna do it, last time I got angry "why did you change your package ID from them")


2. Forget about PlayBook, at least with OS its running now. (Who cares about it anyway, upload was almost merciful because it is not even worth the hussle to go thrugh signing and uploading process, which is especially hideous for PlayBook.)


The third option would be just to create something like "Application for PlayBook" in Vendor Portal, but this is just plain stupid because it would be the same app but under different names therefore not cross platform for BlackBerry ID user.


Also can not help but to say RIM (BlackBerry) should get their things together and come up with one single usable tool to sign applications. Because what they have now looks more like a joke if not insult all together. Process is mindbending and if you want frustrate yourself (almost 100% certainty) develop, sign and upload app to BlackBerry World. You will have fun.


Anyway did anybody have similar problem while uploading BB10 and PlayBook .bars to Vendor Portal it would be nice to here how you solve it.


Cheers! And Happy Developing. (which is not the hardest part, but you know it already)

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Re: Package id error. WebWorks application signer.

It's because the WebWorks SDK for TabletOS appended a random GUID to the package ID to help make it unique.  The BlackBerry 10 SDK no longer does this.  Unfortunately, this means that if a developer rebuilds their same code using the SDK for the new platform, then BlackBerry World will not see them as being the same application (since the internal ID is different).


There is a workaround - what you need to do is change the id property of your <widget> element in config.xml to match that of the package-name from the Tablet-OS manifest.mf file.


Here's an example of what I mean.  If the PlayBook MANIFEST.MF file shows that 608d35518356ae28ab6cb8e8ck6b11b has been added to the package name of fooBar, then set your id like this 


<widget xmlns="http://www.w3.org/ns/widgets"


It ain't pretty, but it works.


Once you recompile, BlackBerry World will then recognize the BAR and allow you to submit a new bundle for the existing release.



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Re: Package id error. WebWorks application signer.

Accepting astanley's response as the solution. The other option is to reach out directly to the BlackBerry World team who can clear the ID associated with your product allowing you to upload a BAR with a new ID to your existing product. Once uploaded, the uploaded ID will be the new ID for that product. You can reach the BlackBerry World team here:


Erik Oros | @WaterlooErik | eoros@blackberry.com | Developer Issue Tracker

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Re: Package id error. WebWorks application signer.

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Thank you Adam.


It almost looks like there could be a book written just on workarounds.