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Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

If you're inquizative like me you'll already be aware that a bar file is simply a renamed ZIP


This is where my concern arises - I've listened to every webcast going and nowhere do I hear a definitive explanation of how my app is protected from being stolen and released on a torrent site - a quick look at Pirate Bay reveals that there are thousands of apps available without the author getting any recompense.


Personally I'm not that worried about it as I never intend to charge for an app (it's a fun way to spend my time)


There are, however, those who will make a living from sales


So, I send my signed BAR to BB, they then do something with it and deliver it to the customer


At some point the client gets the code you or I wrote on their device in plain text


I imagine there is an encryption chain but as the MPAA found out to their everlasting misery no code is unbreakable


The question is then, if you and I have identical BBs and we sumultanuously download one of our apps do we get the same file?


I can see other potential holes in the system but won't elucidate as I'd like everyone to get their deserved rewards


We work hard to create our apps, you deserve the rewards

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Re: Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Fighting piracy is totally and utterly futile. Getting worked up over it is too. If someone can't get themselves to pay a few bucks for an app you'll never get that revenue whether they can pirate it or not.

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Re: Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

So you want to protect your app...? Here are some tips

Inside Your App

+ Use Copyright and create a notice of Intellectual Property inside your app. 

+ Make users accept a terms of use clearly stating the consequences of piracy and other malicious / unlawful activites.

 + Actively patrol the internet to find people who are stealing your app concept and contact have your lawyer send them letters to cease and desist (or else....) This is particularly effective when your exact graphics are being ripped off. As far as the code goes, there is no way to tell if their app has the same source (unless you see the source).

Development Environment

+ Protect your development machine. Have antivirus soft installed, don't use IRCs, make sure your ports aren't being sniffed, regularly check dns and active IPs (especially since you have VMware running, which I believe opens a type of network connection).

+ Organize your file system non-descriptly. If you make HTTP/Ajax calls to remote servers, make sure you restrict access to only those remote server in your config.xml file. Moniter your remote servers. Don't be sloppy.

Getting Rewarded for An Amazing App

+ Don't assume your app will be a big hit just because it's in App World. Spend time daily promoting your app and it's functionality to your core demographic. Stress benefits. 

+ Release updates. Keep your end-users engaged. By releasing updates, bug fixes, new features, you are provided added value, and increasing your chances to get rewarded with loyalty and positive reviews. This especially holds true if for paid apps.

+ Set up an active support/feedback loop. Reach out to users who are having problems with your app. Help them.

They will appreciate what you've done. Reply to ALL support emails. Be personal. 

+ Tell the world how passionate you are about what you're doing.

Dealing With Pirates and counterfeters. Ignore them. They are the least of your worries.

Pirated Source code ! > Your vision/actions/skills/ and most importantly unwavering determination to make the app you developed succeed.



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