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inside custom component

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Using HTML 5

Dear All Expert,


I already try to build application using html 5 and try some sample that already post in this forums but still can't access the database, but i already create the application and running in android device and it already success.


Below is the sample i download from this forum :


<script type="text/javascript" src="script/soapclient.js"></script>

        <script type="text/javascript" src="script/cordova-1.9.0.js"></script>

        <script type="text/javascript">


               //Wait for Cordova to load

           document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false);


            //Cordova is loaded and it is now safe to make calls Cordova methods


            function onDeviceReady()






            function checkConnection()


                var networkState = navigator.network.connection.type;


                var states = {};

                states[Connection.UNKNOWN]  = 'Unknown connection';

                states[Connection.ETHERNET] = 'Ethernet connection';

                states[Connection.WIFI]     = 'WiFi connection';

                states[Connection.CELL_2G]  = 'Cell 2G connection';

                states[Connection.CELL_3G]  = 'Cell 3G connection';

                states[Connection.CELL_4G]  = 'Cell 4G connection';

                states[Connection.NONE]     = 'No network connection';

               //alert('Connection type: ' + states[networkState]);

                       if(states[networkState]=="No network connection")


                               alert("No Connection Available ");




               var stationList = new Array;  


               function GetStationCodes()


                       document.getElementById('loadingImg').style.visibility = "visible";


                    var pl = new SOAPClientParameters();

                    var parameter1 = "";

                    var parameter2 = "";

                    pl.add("parameter1", parameter1);

                    pl.add("parameter2", parameter2);

                    SOAPClient.invoke(WSDLURL, "stationSearch", pl, true, GetStationCodes_callBack);


               function GetStationCodes_callBack(r)


                       document.getElementById('loadingImg').style.visibility = "hidden";




                       for (var i = 0; i < r.length-1; i++)


                       stationList[i] = r[i].stationCode + " - " + r[i].stationName;// i download complete


               var db = window.openDatabase("Database", "1.0", "Cordova Demo", 200000);// create data base*********

            db.transaction(populateDB, errorCB, successCB);*****call function


               function SetAction(flag)













               function populateDB(tx) {

         tx.executeSql('DROP TABLE IF EXISTS DEMO');

         tx.executeSql('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS STATIONLIST (id unique, data)');

       for (var i = 0; i <stationList.length-1 ; i++){

         tx.executeSql('INSERT INTO DEMO (id, data) VALUES (i,stationList[i] )');// is it correct..?





    // Transaction error callback


    function errorCB(tx, err) {

        alert("Error processing SQL: "+err);



    // Transaction success callback


    function successCB() {






<body onload="GetStationCodes()"> ********Here i download list******


My simple questions is "How to connect the database in blackberry using html 5 ?". Please help me and thanks so much for the great support.