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Welcome & Introductions

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Blackberry maniac.

Hi everyone,


I am relatively new to Blackberry. I had my first phone for practical reasons only, when I was 18-20 years old. And I was against the SMS. It was a very basical Nokia, offered free for a new subscription. Then another like this.

  • then, I had a Nokia E90 Communicator, but the GPS and the browser were not functional on it with my subscription, in 2007;
  • then I discovered the iPhone 3GS (I waited for the 3G on iPhone), what was a great discovery, for the facility to transfert the media between my Mac and this, and for the lot of applications. But I began to have some symptoms making me suspect that I could have spywares. And I realised that there was no firewall on iOS.
  • This time, I decided to buy a Blackberry: It is an independant OS. I think nowadays it is a benefit to have a separated OS for the phone. I have not ever faith in sharing all on all devices. This can aid the malwares to dispatch trought communications. My first was a torch 9800 (BlackBerry OS 6). When OS 7 was realised, my provider did not sell it. So I had to order Torch 9810 to a specific computers seller. I had some problems; the virtual keyboard was not so good, and when I tried to enter this phone during electrical charge, I could not enter correctly my password. And I was decevied that, for an egal phone (if I don't mistake myself, Torch 9810 have the same technical (main) specifications as 9800) I was very surprised, no to have the possibility to upgrade my 9800 to OS 7.

Finally, am I on Z10 (OS 10). A friend told me that no body believed in java any more; remermbering my bugs with BB 7, I think he was right.


I am sorry that Nokia and Blackberry had difficulties previous year in selling. Nokia because it is on my continent, and was pioneer for mobile phones; Blackberry because it is the inventor of the concept of advanced mobile phones and it is the most secure.

A mobile-phones world with only iOS and Androïd would be so annoying as dangerous, I think.


I think it is a good idea of RIM, to take the option of building their OS on QNIX, a UNIX system (as Mac OS). It seem to be more stable, and the virtual keyboard has no comparison with the one of OS 7.


I was sceptic on a "Windows phone 8 home screen", but the design of Blackberry is really better concepted. I and had regrets not to have a physical sliding keyboard, as in Torch 9810, but I have no regrets anymore.


BB OS 10 overstep what I was waiting for: very stable and convenient. But the other side of the medal shows that RIM would have make a more popular interface; I don't even know if there is a firewall on OS 10.


Oh, and I don't want to have access to Androïd applications, too.


Making the balance, I think that Blackberry 10 is a great job of RIM. This must be said and known.


Thank you for your reception.

Posts: 33
Registered: ‎05-25-2013
My Device: Z10 STL100-2
My Carrier: Swisscom

Informatics learner - nowadays reading about sixth normal form.



First of all, I have to apologize.


I realized this evening that I did not tell about my interests before. In a sense, I have not the age anymore to tell my hobbies to everyone. Thought, I would like to tell about my relation to "communications" - to computers indeed.


And I see my previous post was moved. Thought, on the General support home page, introductions are under social lounge, and I did not understand. A little sentance would be appreciated.


I was a little tired. Well.



I am informatics learner. I have a little interest in programming. I don't think to make the Mac OS of tomorrow alone, so it is not my greater interest.


I heard about functional programming, - I know there are imperative programming and object oriented programming - but don't know more about functional one. There may be also quantic programming in ten years, but will require to be physicist for this.



I have more interest in networks. But my greater interest is for databases. I am know reading the only book on the Earth, were there is explained the sixth normal form - nowadays the most evolued representation of instances (tables) to make simple - the only 5 pages about that subject on the Earth. Not translated, in english.*


Among the autors, C. J. Date. Like he was chemist in a first time, I had a deep interest in chemistry. C. J. Date became informatician next, if I remember well, in IBM. He worked with E. F. Codd (a mathematician, also in IBM, and who invented the relationnal model, needed for big projects), and they told about several normal forms. The next including the previous - the most advanced now is so the sixth.


*Temporal data and the relational model.

It is very well written, even non linear.


I am very enthusiastic about databases. They are all. To give an image, Windows is a database that has to manage itself. Databases is the opportunity to have an illustrated and sweet introduction to some mathematical concepts.


And maybe, one day, could I be usefull to BlackBerry in database management, who knows ?Smiley Wink

Posts: 33
Registered: ‎05-25-2013
My Device: Z10 STL100-2
My Carrier: Swisscom

Re: Informatics learner - nowadays reading about sixth normal form.

Thank you to administration for removing, my first post was not really an introduction.

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Re: Informatics learner - nowadays reading about sixth normal form.

Hi and welcome to the forums Oppenheimer! Smiley Happy    Social Loung is there to schmooze and talk about general BB discussions.  Here you may introduce yourself and be welcomed by the Forum users writ large as well.

A great thread for you to visit   Z10 Tips & Tricks

And don't forget to see all the BB10 Forums   The BB10 Forums

Let us know how you are doing and if you have any questions/issues; search in the forum for your BB model (search box at top right of page) Can't find what you're looking for? Start your own thread. Other users will be there to help.

Just be sure to keep coming back. Happy to have you here! Smiley Very Happy


(BTW, you made a great decision to get that Z10.  Me?  I'm waiting for my Q10)

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