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Well since it seems to be impossible to find an email address to submit some feedback directly back to RIM I guess I will just unload here! Smiley Happy



Funny thing. I was at my girlfriends daughter's birthday party a while back. There was 16 or 17 kids in their early 20's and they ALL (but 1) had BlackBerry's. I just had to ask and the number 1 reason was BlackBerry Messenger. These kids text like lunatics and that was there preferred app. When I asked them about iPhones and Androids they consensus was that they like the free BBM and the proper keyboard made the massive amount of texting they did a lot easier.


Kind of my line of thinking when I kicked my iPhone to the curb. When I got my iPhone 3, then 3S I was completely in love. The total integration and ease of use was a pleasure, every day. Then I started travelling and was relying more and more on the device for messaging. That soft keyboard became the bane of my messaging existence. I had just purchased an iPad and had similar disillusions. Sure it was cool, but holy **bleep** was it big. Too big to really be portable. The processer sucked, the on-board speaker was **bleep** I was not amused.


When I first saw pictures of the Torch from a launch party in Toronto it was like a religious epiphany. The release date could not come soon enough. As usual it was released in the USA first (knock that **bleep** off would ya? I don’t expect Canada to be first but as a Canadian company you could at least let us be tied for first) but I signed up for notification of availability and 1 hour after receiving notification that it was available I was at a mall browbeating the manager into selling me a unit for full price without a contract – he was loath to do so because they make less money but I managed to be persuasive. I was now in possession of my iPhone killer. Full screen, slide out keyboard – pure bliss. I Kijiji’d my iPhone and iPad and never looked back.


Later once it was available I bought the playbook. I love it. Perfect size for tablet. AMAZING graphics, great processor and stereo speakers. I get it that it needs the phone for email/contacts/calendar – this product was rushed to market (I’m in software I know how the sales department is) and was meant initially for people who already had a BlackBerry. I’m kind of pissed that someone can get the same PlayBook as mine for ¼ of the price but no use holding a grudge. That AMAZING deal will insure more units go out, more apps are developed and I will eventually benefit from all that. Cannot wait for the OS 2 update, it sounds amazing. I heard it’s coming out this month? Any ideas when?


Oh in all this I convinced my girlfriend to get a Torch and a PlayBook too. She loves both. The Face conferencing is truly fantastic. The sound quality is amazing AND unlike those twits at Apple, RIM does it with just WI-FI, no wasting cell minutes for the call portion.


I found myself slowly becoming less enamoured with the full screen over the summer and picked up a Bold 9900. I must say this has to be the nicest phone RIM has ever produced. Slim and sleek. AMAZING display, the BEST keyboard I have ever had the pleasure of using on an phone and I love the steel band around the outside. As crappy as the plastic rims around the Torch were this great. Pure class.


Now to the reason I’ve been marking out to RIM in this letter for the last half hour. I literally CANNOT WAIT for the BBX handsets. With a BBX phone and a PlayBook the world of portable computing will be turned on it’s **bleep**. I heard the new CEO talking about the PlayBook in terms of portable computing and not just being a plain old tablet and I believe it. The concern I have is the rumour that the first BBX phone (codenamed Colt) will be a full screen beast with no keyboard. I cannot tell you how much the idea of that horrifies me. BlackBerry is and always has been about their KICKASS keyboard. To introduce a whole new generation of phones (especially as the future of the brand in at least the North American market is pinned to this release) has got to be bad intel. A mistaken rumour. A least for RIM I hope it is.


Best of luck. Get me my BBX handset fast. PLEASE.

C'mon RIM BBX me, give me some of that LTE, QNX, and a real camera in a body like my Bold 9900! You can do it!
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Re: Hi!!!!

Great story.


Just so you know... ALL information about any release of a a BB10 device is only rumor, nothing has been announced about type (keyboard or touch) will be first, or when it will be. One thing you can count on, it won't be soon (as in the next 3-4 months) although you could see one as early as June or July... but not likely. For sure, I think we'll see a couple of models released before Christmas.


All that said, I weaned myself off a hard keyboard three years ago with RIM's first Storm, and I'm not looking back.


And, in regards to release of devices in Canada vs. US (or any other country, for that matter), in the case of the 9800 Torch, AT&T paid for the exclusive release 30 days ahead of any other mobile provider. Now, you can't blame RIM for making a few extra $$s off an exclusive release, can you. Call that Canadian Free Market Economic Brilliance.


Good luck. Personally, I can't wait for the BB10 devices either.

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