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Re: Introductions

Hi everyone!! My name is Tanzim and my forum name is also same. I won’t say I’m addicted with my BlackBerry rather it’s simply affection to my handheld. I’m using these devices for more then a year.



I’ve spent plenty of time online in search for details on BlackBerry devices, service, support and upcoming issues. These definitely don’t make me knowledgeable or expert on BlackBerry but somehow acquainted with different issue. Type of devices that I used so far includes 6230, 8700g, Pearl 8100 and had a close look at 8330 and 8800. I’m on BES/BIS.



From this community I want to learn more and more on BlackBerry and also want to share my experience with BlackBerry. I like to make new friends from the user of the community. So be around!



Take Care!

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Re: Introductions



My name is Heather, screen name Quiss. 


I've been using Blackberries (Nextel 7510, 7520 and now the VZ 8830) for a little over 3 years and been providing Handheld support for about 2 1/2 years (activation, troubleshooting, etc).  I've been transitioning to a BES Admin position for the last 6 months (the duration is not due to my learning pace but rather the time limitations of the former Admin, and uh-hem, the lack of actual procedures, maintenance schedules, etc. which I am trying to put in place).  I've been to 2 levels of BES Admin classes but, of course, even though I can draw all the pretty diagrams and recite dependencies and so forth, I won't feel like I really know this stuff until I get some more experience under my belt.


The BES environment I work on: We have 200+ Blackberries on our BES with MS Exchange.  We are upgrading to 4.1.5 today.  We have had a big push to upgrade everyone to 8830s since a lot of our fleet was still using 7230s.  So we probably have 150 8830s and the remainder are a variety of devices from 7230s on up. 


I'm here to learn and, when possible given my level of knowledge and experience, help.

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Re: Introductions

Hi I'm Tiffany and I'm a newbie to this forum, and also a virgin to the Blackberry Device. So somebody please show me how to use this thing!!! LOL
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My Device: pearl 8100

Re: Introductions

Hi! My name is Carol. I'm in Texas. I have a BB pearl 8100. I've had the phone since Christmas and aside from not being able to take videos I love it. =^-^=
The Jaded_V1xen
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Re: Introductions

Greetings fellow crackberry addicts! My name is Garrett and I've been a crackberry user for a few years now. I started out with a 7105t, then moved to a 8100, and now I currently have a 8320 Curve for personal use and a 8830 for business use. 

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Re: Introductions

Ned from New Zealand here, have been using Blackberrys for some time now and have a couple of Curves, great devices and they work in countries that my other phones havent such as Afghanistan and middle of Africa etc.


I am a magazine publisher and spend most of my year travelling and they are worth their weight in gold. Have tried many other devices including Nokia E90, N95, Palm Treo etc but nothing comes close to providing the best solution for what I do as the Blackberry.


Just hope they get 3G out there soon and also add a better camera, cant wait to get my hands on the new Blackberry Bold.






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HeliTac - www.helitacmag.com
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Hi my name is Tanya I am from cali. But live in Mo. I just got my first ever pearl about a month ago so I am still in the learning stage but I have to say this is a pretty amazing phone.
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Re: introduction

[ Edited ]

Hi all!


I'm Antonio, and as you can probably tell, I'm a (new) moderator for this community. For the time being, I'll be lending a helping hand to Andy.


I don't know too much about the Blackberry mobile, however, over due time, that'll all change. Smiley Wink


See you lot around!



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Message Edited by Antonio on 06-09-2008 01:09 PM
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Re: introduction

Hello Everyone!


I am Rohan from India. I am a blackberry developer.


I was wondering like... Though I have registered for this forum and joined it successfully, why it says "Visitor" below my ID? Why I am not a member yet?





- Rohan 

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Re: Introductions

Hi I'm Xandrex from France. I have a Curve 8310 that is limited by IT policy (GPS disabled, can't install themes or applications). I'm willing to help people abut what I've learnt from the last weeks since I got my Blackberry. And learn how to use my beast at its best potential.

I do a bit of web development as a hobby, interested in UI for small screens.

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