Push content to multiple BlackBerry device users in a single push request

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This article applies to the following:

  • BlackBerry® Mobile Data System (BlackBerry MDS) 4.1
  • BlackBerry device



BlackBerry MDS Connection Service 4.1 includes two ways to send a single push request to multiple BlackBerry device users.


  1. The first method requires the push application to specify the email addresses or PINs for each BlackBerry device user to receive the push.
  2. The second method allows a push application to push to groups of BlackBerry device users created and maintained on the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server.

For information on creating and maintaining BlackBerry Groups, see the BlackBerry Administration Guide for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1. The guides are found in the Product Documentation section of www.BlackBerry.com/support and organized by platform and version.


Note: The BlackBerry MDS Simulator does not support pushing to Groups because Groups rely on other components in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server that are not included with the BlackBerry MDS Simulator. The BlackBerry MDS Simulator supports pushing to multiple recipients using multiple email addresses or PINs.


For more information about each method, see either Push to Multiple Recipients or Push to Groups, below.


Pushing to Groups versus Multiple Recipient Addresses

Groups are administered on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, so recipients can be added and removed, and the Group maintains its address. The push submission is also smaller, since it does not need to list individual recipients.


When pushing to a Group address, you cannot determine the status of delivery to a particular recipient or cancel delivery to one or more recipients. If this functionality is required multiple recipient addresses should be specified in the push submission.


Delivery Notification

For information on the format of RIM® push delivery notifications when using Groups or multiple recipients, see this article.


Database requirement

If BlackBerry MDS is configured to use the centralized push server configuration, then status query, cancellation, deliver after, and replacement features require MDS to be configured to store Push Application Protocol (PAP) messages in a database (e.g. Push.Use.Database = true).


Push to Multiple Recipients


A push initiator may specify multiple recipient addresses by including multiple DESTINATION parameters on the query string. The following is an example of a RIM push URL that will send the push to user1@rim.com and user2@rim.com.



http://mds_server:8080/push?DESTINATION= user1@rim.com&DESTINATION=user2@rim.com&PORT=7874&REQUESTURI=/


To send to multiple recipients using a PAP push, add multiple address tags. The following is an example:



address address-value="WAPPUSH=user1%40rim%2ecom%5B%3A7874/TYPE=USER@rim.net"></address>
<address address-value="WAPPUSH=user2%40rim%2ecom%5D%3A7874/TYPE=USER@rim.net"></address>



If a push is received by a central Blackberry MDS push server that is configured to support multiple recipient addresses and the submission is redirected to a BlackBerry MDS server that does not support multiple addresses, each address is redirected in its own push submission. This allows the use of a central push server to accept a push with multiple addresses and to function with versions of BlackBerry MDS that do not support this feature.


URL and Header Size Restrictions

Due to an Apache Tomcat™ limitation, the total size of the URL and headers of an HTTP request is limited to about 3KB. A RIM push request that adds a sufficient number of recipient addresses to the query string might exceed this limit, causing Tomcat to terminate the connection. In this case, the push initiator should send to fewer recipients at one time, or use a PAP push.


Additionally, for push requests that are redirected from a centralized push server to another BlackBerry MDS server for delivery using RIM push, the URL size limitation can cause a redirection error if enough destination addresses require redirection. This error can occur regardless of whether the original push request used PAP. In this case, the push initiator should send to fewer destinations at a time, or submit the request directly to the BlackBerry MDS server to which the recipient addresses are mapped.


Push to Groups


BlackBerry Groups are defined using BlackBerry Manager and are stored in the BlackBerry Configuration Database. Because Group addresses are arbitrary strings, the push initiator must indicate in a push submission the Group addresses among the recipient addresses by prefixing the Group name with the $ character. The following is an example of a URL used to push to a Group named IT using RIM push:







The following is an example of an address element used to push to a group named IT using PAP:



<address address-value="WAPPUSH=%24IT/TYPE=USER@rim.net"/>


Note: In the examples above, the $ character has been URL encoded.


When receiving a push submission which contains a Group address in a central push server configuration, the central BlackBerry MDS push server forwards the submission to the BlackBerry MDS server instances that corresponds to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances mapped to the Group. Each mapped BlackBerry MDS instance expands the Group address into individual addresses that are mapped to that BlackBerry MDS instance.


Note:  Pushing to groups is not supported if Push Authentication has been enabled.  You are able to push to multiple individuals in a single push request when Push Authentication is enabled.