Configure notification for when a Browser Channel push is deleted

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This article applies to BlackBerry® Device Software 4.2.


The BlackBerry Browser in BlackBerry Device Software 4.2 introduced a new Browser Channel push header, which is X-Rim-Push-Delete-Url. If a Browser Channel push is deleted from the BlackBerry device, it fetches the URL contained in the header. The URL does not open for the BlackBerry device user to view because the process occurs in the background.

By default, the delete URL fetch does not supply any parameters. To uniquely identify the push when a URL is requested, add your own parameters to the header. The following is an example of the header with a URL:

           X-Rim-Push-Delete-Url: http://myserver/deleteNotify.php?pushID=45&user=54

For more information on BlackBerry Browser push, see the “Mobile Data Service push applications” section of the BlackBerry Browser 4.1 Content Developer Guide.