How to create a shared or static library to be used in other Cascades C++ projects

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This article will show you how to create shared and or static libraries to be used by other Cascades™ C++ projects.


Shared libraries are usually preferred, however, in some cases, static libraries may be required; (e.g. statically linked code tends to be executed more efficiently than the dynamically linked code, which may be very important for high performance.)


The screenshots in this article were taken from BlackBerry® 10 Native SDK(Momentics IDE) on the Mac platform, which are also applicable to other platforms with the exception of paths.


  1.  From BlackBerry 10 Native SDK(Momentics IDE), select File > New > BlackBerry Project. Create a Static or Shared library project type.





 2.  Input project name and select language, then, press "Next" button





3. Choose API Level, then, press "Finish" button.





4. Once the project template is created, add the source files to the project.


5. Build the project.


For more information and code samples, check out a shared library template and sample app on GitHub.



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