Indications of insufficient space to install an application on the BlackBerry device

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This article applies to BlackBerry® devices


The two most common ways of installing an application on a BlackBerry device are with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager or with a wireless download. As well, the installation method does not produce different results in most cases.

If there is not enough free space to install the incoming application through a wireless download, the Low Memory Manager on the BlackBerry device automatically attempts to make room by clearing cached data, removing old messages and calendar entries, and other similar tasks.

In contrast, BlackBerry Desktop Manager does not attempt to free up space in this scenario. As it does not have the ability to request more memory on the BlackBerry device, the application installation does not proceed, and the following error appears:

The device does not have sufficient storage space to accommodate your application selections. Please select fewer optional applications, or clear some application data from the device.
The device filesystem is full [J:0x0000000D]

Additional Information

For more information on the Low Memory Manager, see KB02843.