Force the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator Browser to use the MDS-CS Simulator

by BlackBerry Development Advisor on ‎12-22-2011 02:58 PM (4,915 Views)



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The default route used by the BlackBerry® Browser in the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator was changed in version 6.0.  Prior to version 6.0, the MDS-CS Simulator was required when using the BlackBerry Browser in a BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.  In version 6.0, the BlackBerry Browser in the BlackBerry smartphone simulator will attempt to connect directly to the destination web site, bypassing the MDS-CS Simulator.  This removes the MDS-CS Simulator as a requirement.


However, you may wish to continue to route your browser connections through the MDS-CS Simulator to allow the use of a proxy server or to take advantage of its logging capabilities.


Steps to Enable


1.  Modify the batch file and/or command used to start the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator, appending the following command where the IP address refers to the IP address used by machine running the MDS-CS Simulator.




2.  Start the MDS-CS Simulator.  Wait until it is fully started.

3.  Launch the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.

4.  Open the connection settings in the BlackBerry smartphone simulator and turn off the Wi-Fi® radio.

5.  In the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator go to Options -> Service Book.

6.  Delete the TCP service books listed by highlighting them and choose Delete from the menu (these may not exist in all simulators).

7.  Use the browser.