Deploy an icon to the BlackBerry smartphone for a web application or URL

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This article applies to the following:

  • BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment (BlackBerry JDE)
  • BlackBerry® Mobile Data System (BlackBerry MDS)
  • BlackBerry® Browser


The BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution allows application developers to deploy existing web applications to mobile users. BlackBerry smartphone users can access the web application or URL using the designated icon on the home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone.

There are two methods to create and deploy an icon for a web application or URL.

  1. Push a BlackBerry Browser channel icon using BlackBerry MDS

    Using push technology, create a server-side application to push an icon for a URL. For more information, see the Advanced Browser Development - Developing Browser Push Applications whitepaper.

    This approach is also illustrated in the BrowserPushDemo sample that is included with the BlackBerry JDE.

  2. Deploy a Java application using the Software Configuration option in the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server

    Alternatively, you can create a Java Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) application with an icon. For more information, see DB-00126.

    The application can invoke the BlackBerry Browser with a URL as described in DB-00570.

    Once you have successfully built your application .cod file, you can use the BlackBerry JDE to generate an .alx file for your project. Using the .alx and .COD binary files, you can wireless push the application to several BlackBerry smartphone users using the software configuration option in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. For more information, see DB-00041.