The BlackBerry® World™ license models

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This article applies to the following:

  • BlackBerry® World™ storefront




When submitting a paid application to BlackBerry World, you must choose one of four license models. The following describes each license model:


Static license model


The static license model is used when an application does not require a license key to function. When a BlackBerry® smartphone user purchases the application from BlackBerry World, they download and install it without needing a license key.


Single license model


The single license model is used when an application uses one license key to unlock and activate, regardless of the BlackBerry smartphone model or BlackBerry smartphone user. For example, key abcd is the only license key a BlackBerry smartphone user needs to unlock the application.


Pool license model


The pool license model removes a random key from a pool of license keys uploaded by a developer to the vendor portal for BlackBerry World and provides it to the BlackBerry smartphone user. You can upload a maximum of 2000 keys at any given time, and this pool can be refilled at any time. Vendors using the pool license model are notified when there is a low number of license keys remaining in the pool.


Dynamic license model


The dynamic license model requires that a vendor have a server configured to receive an HTTP POST from BlackBerry World whenever a BlackBerry smartphone user purchases the application. BlackBerry World will send an HTTP POST to the vendor’s supplied web address. It is expected that the vendor's server will respond with only the key in the following format:



HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/html
Content-Length: 8




It is important that the vendor provides a valid Content-Length, otherwise BlackBerry World will not receive the correct key and the BlackBerry smartphone user will receive an error message.