Vendor account types

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This article applies to the following:

  • BlackBerry® World™ storefront




In the BlackBerry World vendor portal, you can have multiple accounts that allow your co-workers to log in and have access to your application submissions and reports. There are three types of accounts: Admin, Application Submit/Modify, and Report Generate/View.




The Admin account type grants access to all functions within the BlackBerry World vendor portal. With Admin access you can submit applications, generate reports, add vendor portal users and change vendor account details, including PayPal® accounts, vendor name, support email addresses, and more.


Application Submit/Modify


The Application Submit/Modify account type grants access to the Manage Applications section. With this type of access, you can submit new applications or releases, make changes to existing applications and flag reviews.


Report Generate/View


The Report Generate/View account type grants access only to the Download Reports section. With this type of access, you can generate reports for each application based on the number of downloads or purchases.


The following image shows the required information to create a new BlackBerry World vendor account: