Internal Error. Runtime Exception when creating an email profile for a custom role in BES 10.1.x

by Retired on ‎12-18-2013 04:35 PM (2,150 Views)


Webservice returns a "Internal Error. Runtime Exception" when attempting to create an email profile programatically for a custom role when using the BWS APIs.


The "Create an email profile" permission is limited to 3 roles out of the box: Security AdministratorEnterprise Administrator and User Only Administrator.  When attempting to create an email profile for a custom role in BES10.1.x rather than returning an "unauthorized" error the service returns an "Internal Error. Runtime Exception" error and the operation is canceled. There is known bug in this version of BES that is causing the issue.


This bug has been fixed in BES 10.2. A quick workaround for previous versions is to assign the "view user authentication" permission to the custom user role and that should resolve the issue.


Here's a link to the list of administrative roles and their available permissions for BES 10.2