UserConfigId and Status columns in DBViewer

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This article applies to the following:

  • BlackBerry® Synchronization Server SDK



The BlackBerry Synchronization Server SDK has a sample application that includes the DbViewer.exe tool, which is located in the Samples directory. You can use this tool to view and edit the database that is being synchronized.


It is important that the UserConfigID and Status columns, in the database, contain valid information; otherwise the application may not synchronize the data and the application may not work.


The UserConfigID should contain the ID of the BlackBerry smartphone user with which you are testing. This ID will display in the command prompt window of the sample application when the application starts, or when you add a BlackBerry smartphone user using BlackBerry Manager, which is included with the BlackBerry Synchronization Server SDK.


The Status column is used by the sample application to determine the state of the record. The Status can contain one of the following valid values:


  • A - Use this value to treat the record as a new record.
  • D - Use this value to treat the record as a deleted record.
  • U - Use this value to treat the record as an updated record.