Enterprise activation process fails when using the BlackBerry Synchronization Server SDK

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This article applies to the following:

  • BlackBerry® Synchronization Server SDK



The enterprise activation process fails in the BlackBerry Device Simulator when using the BlackBerry Synchronization Server SDK. This failure will generally occur when the enterprise activation process reaches between 80% and 90% - triggering an exception in the BlackBerry Device Simulator. As soon as the enterprise activation process fails, the BlackBerry Device Simulator will attempt the process again; however, the subsequent attempt also fails.



This problem occurs after the BlackBerry Device Simulator has been cleaned (by running clean.bat or manually deleting the .dmp files) and the enterprise activation process has been initiated for a BlackBerry smartphone user account that had previously completed a successful enterprise activation.


Note: This issue applies to the BlackBerry Synchronization Server SDK and BlackBerry Device Simulator only. It does not apply to an actual BlackBerry smartphone assigned on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server.



To resolve this issue, complete the following:


  1. From BlackBerry Manager, which is included with the BlackBerry Synchronization Server SDK, remove the BlackBerry smartphone user.
  2. Create a new BlackBerry smartphone user account using the personal identification number (PIN) of the BlackBerry Device Simulator.
  3. Start the enterprise activation process.