Sample Code - RSS Reader

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This sample app demonstrates the use of a tight integration with other apps (Browser and Messaging applications) and integration into the BlackBerry® device menu.


The attached sample code was developed for BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 and BlackBerry® 6.


This app is a great demonstration of leveraging both on device capabilities and the network to retrieve new content.


Importing the attached sample code into Eclipse®:

  1. Create a new BlackBerry® WebWorks project called RSSReader.
  2. Import a new archive file.
  3. Import the attached .zip file into the newly created BlackBerry WebWorks project.

Importing the attached sample code into Microsoft® Visual Studio®:

  1. Create a new BlackBerry WebWorks project.
  2. In the new project, create subdirectories for 'images', and 'javascript'.
  3. Add existing items for each of the directories created above.
  4. Add existing items for the main .html files and the config.xml file.

Always use the latest version of the BlackBerry Web Development Tools when building your own applications using the BlackBerry WebWorks Application platform.



  • Oct 19, 2010: A new version of the RSS Reader sample application has been uploaded.  It is updated to support BlackBerry 6 (tested on BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800).  There are currently some known issues with this application when run on BlackBerry Device Software 5.0.

More Info:

This sample makes use of the Gears™ to HTML5 JavaScript toolkit.  This toolkit provides the ability to translate HTML5 syntax into Gears code, when the application is running on BlackBerry Device Software 5.0.


Known Issues:

The following are known issues with running this sample application on BlackBerry Device Software 5.0.  As an exercise in learning more about how to develop applications using the BlackBerry WebWorks Application Platform, you are invited to troubleshoot and solve the following issues:


  • Some feeds that should have multiple articles show only a single article.
  • The previous/next buttons on the "article detail" page does not display focus when run on BlackBerry® Storm™ 9550.
  • Usability issue with manage feed page: pressing back button from manage feed page takes users to feed list screen, instead of add feed screen.