Create an icon for an application

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This article applies to the following:

  • BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment (BlackBerry JDE)
  • BlackBerry® smartphones



For newer BlackBerry smartphones where themes apply, the resolution is dependent on the default theme. The icons can be in either GIF or PNG format. Refer to the Dimensions for application icons on BlackBerry devices document for a list of icon resolutions.


The image can be in color or monochrome, depending on the BlackBerry smartphone model. A monochrome BlackBerry smartphone can display a color icon; however, a detailed icon may appear distorted. Transparent areas of the image are supported and are used when the icon is selected on the BlackBerry smartphone.


When creating an icon that will be used on multiple BlackBerry smartphone models with different icon resolutions, it is important to understand how this icon will be displayed to make sure that it displays properly for all BlackBerry smartphone users.


On BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry Device Software prior to BlackBerry Device Software 4.2, icon images that are larger than the maximum icon resolution are cropped.


f you use an icon with a resolution higher than the resolution displayed on a BlackBerry smartphone, the icon will be scaled down to the BlackBerry smartphone’s maximum size on a BlackBerry smartphone running BlackBerry Device Software 4.2 through 4.5. If this scaling occurs on an image that is not square (that is, the width and height do not match) to a resolution that is square, or vice versa, the contents of your image may appear distorted. This may affect the appearance of the icon, depending on the icon image. For example, a circle may become an oval, which would be noticeable, but a textured pattern may not yield any visible difference.


If you use an icon of the smallest resolution on BlackBerry smartphones with BlackBerry Device Software 4.5 or earlier, it will not be scaled up on the BlackBerry smartphone with a higher resolution. The actual image size will be the same and the remainder of the icon area will be transparent, so the icon will appear smaller than the standard icons.


On BlackBerry smartphones with BlackBerry Device Software 4.6, icons are scaled in the application grid menu to match the icons of the current theme. If the third party icon is larger than the current theme icon, the icon is scaled down to match. If the third party icon is marginally smaller, it will be left un-scaled. If the third party icon is 25% (or more) smaller, it will be scaled up to match the current theme icon.


To register an application icon, complete the following steps:

  • Once the icon is created, add the image file to your project.
  • In the workspace view, right-click the file name, then select Properties. If the file can be used as an icon, the Use as Application Icon check box is displayed.
  • Select the Use as Application Icon check box to register this image as the application icon.

Note: You must compile your project again before this change will take effect.