Themes created using BlackBerry Theme Studio v5.0 fail to load onto BlackBerry Device Software v6.0.0

by Retired on ‎11-19-2010 09:05 AM (15,519 Views)


This article applies to the following:

  • BlackBerry® 6
  • BlackBerry® Theme Studio 5.0 or earlier versions (including Plazmic Content Developer Kit 4.x)



A theme created using the Theme Builder tool in BlackBerry Theme Studio 5.0 or earlier versions fails to load on a BlackBerry smartphone running BlackBerry Device Software version 6.0.0.


Theme Builder version 5.0 is producing a .cod file that is not compatible with BlackBerry Device Software version 6.0.0.


Recreate the theme using Theme Builder application contained within BlackBerry Theme Studio 6.0 Beta.



  1. Install the BlackBerry Theme Studio version 6.0 Beta tool in a different directory from any prior Theme Studio installations.. 
  2. Create a new theme project in Theme Builder 6.0 and import the relevant theme assets into the project. 
  3. Build the theme  .cod file using Theme Builder 6.0 Beta tool by using the File->Export option. 
  4. Deploy the theme  .cod file to the device running BlackBerry Device Software 6.0.0 using one of the available deployment methods. 

Note: If a theme .cod file targeting OS 5.0 has been deployed to the BlackBerry App World storefront and the theme is marked as 'Supports All Devices', then a new release needs to be created for the new theme .cod file (generated with the steps above). The minimum OS field for the new release should be set to 6.0. For more information on how to manage releases for themes / applications on the Vendor Portal, please refer to the App World Storefront Administration Guide's Add An Application section on creating a separate new release / new application.