Sample Code - RSS Reader

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This sample demonstrates the various methods of using offline storage, UI Components, and network connectivity.  It has been developed over the course of the 5 part developer webcast series (


For offline storage, the sample demonstrates how to use


  • SharedObjects
  • SQLite Database
  • File I/O


The sample also goes out over the network to retrieve live RSS feeds from the BlackBerry® Developer Blog, and display those to the BlackBerry device user.  It also leverages the QNXStageWebView component to display rich web content in the application.


In addition, this sample also shows how to leverage various application and device level events, with some device integration to create an integrated application.


This .fxp project was built using Adobe® Flash Builder® 4 and is written entirely in Adobe® ActionScript®.  To view the project, import the file into Adobe Flash Builder 4 and all of the resources will be displayed.


There is also an archived version of the project contained within the .zip file to be able to browse through the code without using Adobe Flash Builder 4.


*Update 3/28/12 - A new sample package has been added to work with Flash Builder 4.6 and SDK 2.0.